Updated BW photo

Updated BW photo

Hi! I’m Emily. Professional aunt of 20 years. Chasing nieces and nephews with a camera for the last 10 years. Degree BFA PHOTO.


Family photos are so important. Watching my baby grow has made me realize that kids are literally a different human every day. Don’t go a year without recording where your family is at. When all is said and done, having photos of the ones you love is what matters most to all of us.

Wilson Family June 2017_32.jpg

Give me all the floral bushes and all the engagement sessions! 😍 #portra160 #pentax645n #thefindlab #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #kodak #utahportraitphotographer #utahengagementphotographer

Couples are my jam. Love is the best. It should always be recorded. That’s why I don’t just do engagement sessions around here - anniversary sessions (let’s photograph older people!!)


Make gallery into postcard testimonials (image on one side, rave review on the other side)

What would you pay to have amazing photos of your loved ones? I’m trained, I shoot film and it’s amazing, these are the images you’ll be looking at when your kids go to bed and you somehow miss them, even after an exhausting day. These are the ones that will hang on the wall and help make your house into a home. (cliche!")

Dusting off my computer after a long winter and sharing some of my favorite work from the last bit. 😅 This couple is 100% the reason I love shooting engagements - it’s way too fun to snag shots of people who are so crazy about each other! 💕#portra160 #pentax645n #thefindlab #filmisnotdead #kodak #believeinfilm #engagementphotographer #utahengagementphotographer

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Are you ready? ‘Cause I am!


But can we be Insta friends?!